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Types of bicycle repair stands


There are three types of repair stands for bicycle. A-Stand is the least expensive, followed by the L-Stand and Tripod Stand is the most expensive. 

  1. A-Stand ($10)
  2. L-Stand ($20)
  3. Tripod Stand ($100 to 400)

If you are on budget, I will recommend you the A-Stand. It is the smallest stand compared to the other two stands. It is easy to use as you just ensure the holder at each side of the A-Stand goes into the ends of the quick release skewer. This stand allows you to do bike tuning and cleaning as well as it holds the rear wheel up. However, 29 inch mountain bike tires will only fit to certain A-Stands. Do check it out with the seller before purchasing it.


The L-Stand is used when you want to hold the bicycle up and yet does not want to clamp onto the quick release skewer. Usually, people uses it to display the bicycle at home or in race venues.


The Tripod Stand is widely used in bicycle shops and professional races where the mechanic is able to strip out every parts on the bicycle, leaving the frame clamped onto the Tripod stand. However, it is the most expensive option.

I am using the Park Tools PRS 21 Tripod Workstand for my bike maintenance. If you are on a budget, you can consider the 500 Bike Workstand from Decathlon, which is just under a $100.


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