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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or advanced cyclist, it is good to read this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Question 1: I am struggling to find tires and tubes for my Airnimal Chameleon bicycle.

This is a folding bicycle with 24 inch wheels. I recommend you to find the bicycle shops specialized in folding bikes such as Mighty Velo, My Bike Shop and Brompton Junction. There is a higher possibility for you to get the items that you are looking for.

Question 2. Should I do a bike fit?

It is important to have your bicycle properly fitted to you in order to enjoy cycling. A bike fit usually takes 2 to 4 hours when done by a professional bike fitter. A bike fit includes correcting the posture of your body relative to the bicycle. The bike fitter will adjust the cleats position on your shoes to minimize the lateral movement of your knee during pedalling stroke.

List of Bike Fitters: 

  • Timothy Lim (Loue Bicycles)
  • Ryan Li (BikeLabz)
  • Darren Heng (Pro Cycle Bikes)
  • Mervyn Liew (The Bike Butler)
  • Alan Hoon (Performance Bike Fitter)

Question 3. I am experiencing pain in right leg during cycling even though I tried adjustment of cleat position on my cycling shoes.

First, I advise you to stop cycling and seek medical treatment from orthopaedic specialist. There are several popular othopaedic specialists in Singapore. I personally visit Dr Lim Kay Kiat at Synergy Orthopadeic. Second, I advise you to consult a professional bike fitter. Refer to Question 2.

Question 4. Is it possible to convert my fixed gear bicycle (fixie) into a 11 speed bicycle?

Yes, it is possible to convert. However, you will need to source for additional components to achieve it. You will need a 11 speed cassette, rear derailleur, front derailleur, shifters, cable and housing, brakeset, road handlebar and road wheels. It will be costly. I advised you to buy a complete road bicycle instead since the frame geometry of a fixed gear bicycle is different to road bicycle.

Question 5. What are the 3 types of crankset for road bicycle?

  • Standard Crankset: 53T / 39T
  • Mid Compact Compact: 52T / 36T
  • Compact Crankset: 50T / 34T

Question 6: What are the length of crankarm to choose from?

The selection of the length of crank arm length is important. Factors such as the types of cycling and the leg length will determine which crank arm you will need. It is important to note that the length of the crank arm affects the pedalling efficiency, also known as cadence. It is recommended to check with your bike fitters before deciding the length of the crank arm.

Four commonly used crank arm length are 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm.

  • Track Cycling: 165mm
  • Mountain Cycling: 170mm, 175mm
  • Road Cycling: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm

Question 7. Which tires do you recommend for training?

I recommend tires with low TPI for training. TPI means threads per inch. Tires with low TPI are cheaper, thicker and heavier. There are popular brands in the market such as Continental, Vittoria, Panaracer, Michelin, Pirelli, Maxxis, Goodyear and Schwalbe. These brands are available in the local bicycle shops. I have used the following tires for trainings: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro and Continental Gatorskin. 

Question 8. Which tires do you recommend for racing?

I recommend tires with high TPI for racing. TPI means threads per inch. Tires with high TPI are expensive, thinner and lighter. There are popular brands in the market such as Continental, Vittoria, Panaracer, Michelin, Pirelli, Maxxis, Goodyear and Schwalbe. These brands are available in the local bicycle shops. I have used the following tires for races: Continental GP4000 and Continental Grand Prix 4 Season.

Question 9. Which width of tire should I buy for road bicycle?

There are three popular tire widths in road bicycle: 23mm, 25mm, 28mm. There are three factors to consider before you decide which tire width to buy. 

  • Check the maximum tire width clearance on your frame
  • Check the maximum tire width clearance on your fork
  • Check the rim width on your wheels

Question 10. What is the difference between a thru axle system and quick release system on my wheels?

In thru axle system, the entire axle goes directly into the wheel hub and locks itself to the fork or dropouts of the frame. In quick release system, the locking mechanism is the end caps of the skewer which bites onto the fork or droupouts of the frame. Over the years, bicycle companies are shifting their braking system to disc brake. In order to provide the rigidity of the wheel with respect to the bicycle frame, thru axle system is used. This is because much stronger force is generated from the disc brake compared to the rim brake, hence we want to prevent the wheel from dropping out as experienced in quick release system.

Question 11. I am 175cm tall. Which bicycle frame size do I need?

The specifications of the frame will indicate the bicycle frame sizing with respect to the height of the person. It is important to note that this is a general guide. If you want to buy a correct size bicycle, I recommend you to visit a professional bike fitter. He will be able to recommend the sizing of the bicycle to you. 

For beginners especially if you are on budget, you can try out the following two steps when you are shopping for the next bicycle. 

  • Stand over the bicycle with your legs over it. The top tube of the bicycle frame should not be touching your crotch.
  • Sit onto the saddle and position your hands onto the handlebar where the brake levers are located. You should feel relax. If you feel too cramped or too stretched, you should consider another bicycle size.

Question 12. Where can I buy a bicycle wheel with a tire inclusive for $35?

Visit Carousell or Togoparts

Question 13. I am new to cycling. I am eager to change my sports shoe to cycling shoe to cycle. What do you think?

It is important to be familiarize cycling with your bicycle. Everyone starts off cycling using the platform (flat) pedal as it is easier to pedal with sports shoe. Once you are familiar in maneuvering with your bicycle, you can try out clipless pedal which require you to pedal using the cycling shoe.

Question 14. How does a cyclist measure the inseam of himself/herself?

The objective of inseam measurement is determining the perpendicular distance from the crotch to the ground without wearing shoes. There are several ways in doing this.

Method 1) Stand with your back against the wall without wearing shoes. Use a thin book to slot it under your crotch. Measure the perpendicular distance from the edge of the book touching the crotch to the floor.

Method 2) Visit a bike fitter where you will be measured using the height/inseam tool.

Question 15. Which type of pedals should I use for my bicycle?

There are four types of pedals for cyclist to consider before installing onto the bicycle.

  1. Cage/Strap Pedal (Used in olden days bicycle, gym spin bicycle)
  2. Foldable Pedal (Used in foldable bicycle)
  3. Platform Pedal (Used in commuting bicycle, fixed gear bicycle)
  4. Clipless Pedal (Used in mountain bicycle)
    • Shimano SPD, Crankbrothers Eggbeater
  5. Clipless Pedal (Used in road bicycle, time trial bicycle)
    • Brands such as Shimano, Look, Speedplay

Question 16. What is the correct saddle height for my bicycle?

See the illustrations below to determine the correct saddle height.

Finding the correct saddle height

Question 17. I am looking forward to upgrade my Decathlon Riverside 500 hybrid bicycle to a Road Bike with a budget of less than <$800. I usually ride on the PCN’s and occasionally road.

In my opinion, casual weekend rides on pcn/roads is doable with a hybrid bicycle. Your Decathlon Riverside 500 is possible as well.

Here’s some suggestions to help you save money:

Replace your tires to a slick type. Riverside 500 comes with 700x38C tires. Replace with a 32C or even 28C (if yr wheel rims permit), this will allow you to have lesser resistance during pedalling on the road. This way you need not buy another bicycle.

Riding hybrid bicycle gives you a more upright posture compared to the road bike which you will be in a more aggressive posture which feels very different from what you are experiencing on your Riverside 500.

Cycling is an expensive sport. If you are looking for light weight bike, you will be looking at thousands of $$$ and up. For $800, you maybe able to get a road bike new or pre-loved (entry level kind), but it will not be light weight. The components will be basic as well. You will incur with more money to replace and upgrade the components in the process.

Hence, I will advise you to ride with your current hybrid and save up for a road bike that has at least Shimano R7000 drivetrain which is 11 speed. Budget and value for money road bike in this specs are decathlon Van Rysel 900 at $1500 and Polygon Strattos S7. Of course there are other brands available too to consider.

I have attached two links below on the bicycle directory for you to check out the various bicycle shops and services in Singapore.



Question 18. What is the correct placement of feet on the pedals?

See the illustrations below to determine the correct placement of feet on the pedals.

Finding the proper placement of feet on the pedals

Question 19: Are there differences between a fixie bike tyre and road bike tyre?

Both uses road tyres. Fixie riders will use tougher road tires such as Vittoria Zaffiro Pro, Continental Gatorskin, Panaracer Gravelking and many others… Important to go for tyres with thicker sidewall.

Question 20: Why do I feel the bike wobbles when cycling in windy condition?

Cycling in crosswind will result the bike to wobble especially if your wheel are deep profile. In the photo below, you can see the four types of wheels with varying rim depth.

Types of wheels with varying rim depth


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