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The best bicycling experience

Bike Guru was founded to serve the general population who will like to pick up cycling as well as people who are already in this sport. Bike Guru’s mission is to provide expert tips and advice for cyclists, regardless whether you are a new, recreational or competitive cyclist. Its vision is to spread the love of cycling to the community and to enable people to be passionate in the sport.

How-to videos by Bike Guru

Who is
Bike Guru?

Bike Guru is Terence Lee

  • National Commissaire (BMX Racing)
  • Singapore cycling enthusiast over 20 years of experience
  • Rider in Geylang Cycling Team, Singapore
  • Competed in both local and overseas races
  • 9th position in Asian Road & Para Cycling Championships (Men's Tandem), 2023
  • 5th position in Brompton World Championship Singapore 2022 (Fastest Gentlemen Category)
  • 9th Position (Men’s Sport Open) in OCBC Cycle National Championships Individual Time Trial, 2019
  • Semi-Finalist (Team) OCBC Speedway Club Championship, 2018
  • 5th Position (Men’s Open) in Muar Sukan Cycling Bandar Maharani, 2012
  • 2nd Position (Mixed Quad) Cyclone Race Series Team Time Trial, 2011
  • Attended summer training camp with Terengganu Cycling Team (SUKMA)
  • Conducted bicycle maintenance workshop for instructors in Outward Bound Singapore
  • Conducted bicycle maintenance workshop for teachers in Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
  • Conducted bicycle maintenance workshop for residents in Kebun Baru Community Sports Club
  • Conducted bicycle maintenance workshop for public in Liqui Moly Singapore
  • Supported National Cancer Institute of Singapore, Cyclist VS Cancer charity fundraiser event as a driver and mechanic
  • Collaboration with Singapore Police Force on bicycle theft prevention
  • Content Partner for OCBC Cycle 2021 and 2022
  • Content Partner for NTU Bike Rally 2023
  • Asia Brand Ambassador for CCN Sport, Sunday Shades, Chalk and Pedal
  • Brand Ambassador for Liqui Moly Singapore
  • Ambassador for Cycling Without Age Singapore
  • Committee member in National Parks Board for Friends of PCN (FoPCN)
  • Media, Radio and TV interviews with The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia, CNA938, LOVE97.2FM, 8world, Channel 5, Yahoo Lifestyle, Zaobao, Today and Shin Min Daily News

What others say about Bike Guru

Raymond Ong

I was motivated by your sharing sessions to pick up cycling. Thank you for introducing the places to cycle in Singapore and going the extra mile to plot out the route using your Garmin app and send to me. It was a memorable experience when you brought me to cycle on the PCN when we headed to Coney Island.

Daniel Chong

Terence is always nice and watching out for the other riders. He helped my son on some biking sessions as my son was getting into some races. He was not selfish to share what he knows to prepare my son to compete, and never asked anything back in returned. It’s always a joy to ride with Terence as he’s always a cheerful and positive person.

Xiu Fang

Appreciate your much time and effort in doing the diagnosis and identifying the problem in my old bike, listening to my preference, in the areas of budget and intended usages for a new bike, and recommended various bikes for my consideration. Hope I will get a new bike and the required accessories soon. Take care and I look forward to cycle with you.

Raymond Ong

I appreciate your time and effort in recommending me various mountain bikes and chidlren’s bikes to consider, based on my budget and purpose of usage for myself and my daughter. The basic bike maintenance session which you demonstrated has enabled me to give tender loving care to my bicycles. Thank you.

John Chong

Terence observed my riding style and made several measurements before making adjustments to my seat position, stem length and handlebar angles. Terence is very experienced, and knowledgeable, he explained the bike fitting process in detail to help me understand it. Thanks to the Bike Guru, I now enjoy my ride better!

Alex Chiew

When Terence first saw the picture of my bike, he noticed that the quality of my tyres, wheels, chain, chainring and crankset have deteriorated and have to be replaced. I joined his group ride and he took care of my safety as I was new to road riding. Terence is dedicated to share what he knows and to help me understand.

Ava Ong

Thank you for teaching me how to cycle. The learning process to balance and pedal on the two wheels bicycle was tough, and often I feel like falling down. You gave me the guidance, confidence and courage to do it after two sessions. You are indeed a passionate, honest and kindhearted bike teacher to me. I hope to learn more from you in future!

Daniel Chong

I joined a Kulai, Kota Tinggi ride, and Terence was the main guide. He stopped along the way many times to ensure everyone was able to keep up with the pace. On the way back, my rear derailleur got caught with my wheel’s spoke. Terence managed to fix it back and was very watchful to make sure I was safe riding back with a mechanical issue.


I got into a road accident with a lorry and was flung onto the ground. Laying helpless and in pain, I was lucky that Terence, a trained first aider came to my rescue. After checking on me, he called for an ambulance and the traffic police. Fortunately there are experienced cyclists and good samaritans like Terence who help you when you in trouble!

Ms Ng

I was having strange noises coming from my bike. Bike Guru was able to accurately tell me (by listening to a video recording) that the sounds were coming from my folding joints, and to advise me how to get it rectified. Am very grateful that he is so helpful and enthusiastic about helping others in the cycling community, without asking anything in return!

Amber Foong

Thanks Terence, for your kind help in linking me up with Melvin at RNE Bike Shop for Garcia foldie. and now I’ve got a good bike to ride! Appreciate your sharing on the differences between hybrid bicycles and foldable bicycles to cater to my usage.

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Brand Ambassador for CCN Sport, Liqui Moly, Sunday Shades, Chalk and Pedal, Arise Insurance Agency
Content Partner for OCBC Cycle 2021 / 2022, NTU Bike Rally 2023

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