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Online shopping vs Buying from local bicycle shops


I am sure every cyclist has pondered over this question “Should I buy bicycle products online or buy directly from local bicycle shops?”

Here are the Pros and Cons of each purchasing method:

Online Shopping

✅ Cheaper
❌ Unable to see actual product
❌ Unable to try the bicycles/gears/apparels
❌ Need to wait for delivery of the items after purchase
❌ Issues with warranty claims
❌ Unable to support the businesses of local bicycle shops
Bicycle Shop

Buying from Local Bicycle Shops

❌ Slightly more expensive
✅ Able to see actual product
✅ Able to try the bicycles/gears/apparels
✅ Able to use the items immediately after purchase
✅ Warranty claims can be made directly at shop
✅ Able to support the businesses of local bicycle shops
Buying from Local Bicycle Shops

We can see that purchasing bicycle products in local bicycle shops make more sense even though we are paying slightly more than the prices from online stores. In my years of cycling, I often see cyclists patronizing local bicycle shops to try out the sizes whether it is bicycles/components/apparels and leave the shop without buying. And they proceed to buy from online stores. It is discouraging to the shop operators. In my opinion, we should support our local bicycle shops. No matter which country you are living in, the owners of these shops have put in their efforts in setting up the shop to provide a friendly cycling culture for us. I hope you can join me to support our local bicycle shops soon.


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