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Cycling Workshop 15 & 16 June 2024 @ Quayside Isle


Do you know that Sentosa Cove is a popular cycling destination in Singapore? The land that Sentosa Cove sits on used to be an isle called Buran Darat which was later merged with Sentosa in 1993. There are two parts to Sentosa Cove. 

  • Quayside Isle for marina-front dining and fine shopping experiences (Public)
  • Private bungalows and condominiums (Residents)

In partnership with Quayside Isle, Bike Guru will be hosting a cycling workshop free for both residents and public on 15 & 16 June 2024, 3pm to 6pm at Fountain Plaza. I will like to invite all of you to this event. There will be heart-pumping activities for you to take part and win prizes. Best of all, it will be your once a lifetime experience to cycle with the gentle giants of the sky. Check out the itinerary in the event poster below. 


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