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Which water bottle to use for cycling?

I often encounter friends asking me these two questions:

  1. Should I use my water bottle for daily life or a water bottle specific for cycling?
  2. What is the volume of the water bottle recommended to buy?

It depends on the type of water bottle cages present on your bicycle as well as the frame size. There are two types of water bottle cages available in the market.

  • Water bottle cage that fits all cycling water bottle snugly.
  • Water bottle cage that allows different sizes of bottles to be fitted which is used frequently in touring and bike expedition.

The volume of the water bottle will depend on the seat tube length of your bicycle. The common volume in cycling water bottle are 500ml and 750ml.  In the photos below, I have placed a Nalgene water bottle alongside with two other water bottles used for my cycling for comparison to help you understand better.

Types of water bottle
Diameter of water bottle varies
  • Nalgene water bottle is broader in its diameter compared to the cycling water bottles. Hence, a water bottle cage specific to cycling will not be able to fit it.
  • Blue and Grey cycling water bottle are 500ml and 750ml respectively.

This is a photo of my road bike. You can see that the length of the seat tube is with respect to the top tube only allow 500ml water bottles to be fitted.

Able to fit two 500ml bottles