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Riding Safely On The Park Connector Network (PCN)


Many of us use the PCN network when cycling. Here are some of the important signages for us to know in order to be safe while cycling.

Stay On Track
  1. Stay On Track 🛣️
    The ‘Stay On Track’ signage is to remind pedestrians and cyclists to commute within the path assigned to them. For pedestrians, the colour of the path is grey. For cyclist, the colour of the path is red. With reference to the Walking And Cycling Design Guide by the URA, the width of footpath and cycling path are 1.5 metres and 2 metres respectively.
Park Connector Network (PCN)
  1. PCN 🏃🏻‍♂️🤝🚴🏻‍♂️
    The Park Connector Network links up different parts of Singapore together. It is usually 4 metres wide in order to cater for both cyclists and pedestrians. The colour of the path is black in colour with PCN markings on it. It is important to practise etiquette when using the Park Connector Network. Refer to: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gar…/dos-and-donts/pcn-etiquette
Bicycle Crossing Waiting Area
  1. Bicycle Crossing Waiting Area 🚦
    This is a special crossing dedicated for cyclists. It is indicated with a ‘Look’ box with a bicycle symbol in it. Cyclists can only cross when the green bicycle signal in the traffic post is lighted up.
Slow Down Barriers
  1. Slow Down Barriers 🚧
    We often see these barriers with ‘Slow Down’ words when the PCN is approaching a traffic junction. This is created for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists to inform them to slow down and warn of the impending traffic.
Safe Riding is the No. 1 Priority


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