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How to choose a bicycle helmet?


Bicycle helmet is an essential cycling gear that each cyclist must have. It comes in various designs and shapes though its primary function is to protect our head. Popular brands in the market are OGK Kabuto, Kask, Rudy Project, Bell, Specialized etc. 

For each brand of helmet, they usually come in:

  • Two types of fitting – Asian fit and Standard fit 
  • Several sizes such as small, medium and large
  • Various models to cater for different types of cycling

For starters, you can check out Decathlon’s range of bicycle helmets. They have helmets for road cycling, city cycling, mountain biking and also kid’s sizes for children. Do go down to the store to try the helmet for fit first before you make your purchase.

I encountered friends who bought impulsively from online stores and local bicycle shops because the design and colour of the helmet was attractive to them. It is vital to first choose a helmet which fits you well, before considering the design and colour of the helmet. Therefore, you need to be present at the shop to try the bicycle helmet before buying.

The common mistakes a person can make when buying a bicycle helmet is to buy based on:

  • The design of the helmet
  • The colour of the helmet
  • The weight of the helmet 
  • Buy based on the price of the helmet

Remember, the fit of the helmet for your head is the most important. Safe riding is the number one priority.

Each cyclist wears a properly fitted bicycle helmet

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