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Preparations before cycling


Have you ever experienced the following scenarios when you are about to set off for cycling?

  • Rushing to fill up water bottles
  • Rushing to pump up the bicycle tires
  • Rushing to decide which cycling outfit in your closet to best suit the ride
  • Discovering a mechanical fault in your bicycle
  • Forgetting to take personal id and money
  • Forgetting to water-proof the valuables and mobile phone
  • Searching high and low in your dining table for breakfast 

The above-mentioned scenarios are the common things that we encounter. My advice is to get everything prepared and ready the night before your ride. I will share with you a list of procedures which I do to minimise the chances of entering the rush hour mode on that morning of cycling:

  1. Put the bike on a A-Stand or leaning on the wall
  2. Pump up the front and rear tires
  3. Ensure that the front and rear lights are charged up and mount it on your handlebar and seatpost
  4. Ensure the saddle (seat) is secured to the seatpost tightly
  5. Ensure the brakes are working properly
  6. Ensure the shifters and derailleurs (front and rear) are working properly
  7. Ensure the water bottle cages are secured tightly
  8. Ensure the handlebar and stem is secured tightly
  9. Fill up water bottles and put into the cages
  10. Put the cycling attire, helmet and shoes beside your bicycle
  11. Store your personal id, money, mobile phone in a waterproof bag
  12. Decide which breakfast you want to eat the next morning and put it on the dining table

When I wake up in the morning, it is where my life gets easier. I will wash up, eat breakfast and put on my cycling attire, helmet and shoes. Then I will store the waterproof bag at the back of my jersey pockets and set off for cycling. In the event of discovering a flat tire, I will have time to replace the inner tube and pump it up before setting off. 


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