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Tips to cycle on two wheels


It can be challenging for a person learning to cycle to try balancing and pedalling on two wheels. You can follow these steps to help you gain the confidence.

  • Put on helmet and protective guards
  • Remove the pedals
  • Sit on the saddle to practice kicking and balancing on the move
  • Install the pedals
  • Have a friend to hold on to you while you pedal
  • Attempt to cycle on two wheels without any assistance

The solution above applies for all ages. It may be difficult at first to balance and cycle on two wheels. But keep trying and you can achieve it!

Watch how Bike Guru coach Thaddeus to balance and ride on two wheels in this video: https://youtu.be/k1GS9rmvgsA

Bike Guru coaches Thaddeus to balance and ride on two wheels
Bike Guru and Thaddeus

If you have a young child and are teaching him or her how to ride a bicycle, you can consider these balance bikes from Decathlon. Without the extra wheels to provide the “artificial balance”, balance bikes will train your child to balance on the move and prepare him to cycle on two wheels more effectively.

Disclosure: If you do intend to purchase anything from Decathlon, I hope you can support Bike Guru by making your purchase via my affiliate link. Bike Guru will receive a commission and your kind support will help me in the cost of running this website to provide bicycling tips and advice for the cycling community.


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