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Importance of using saddle bag


What is a saddle bag?

A saddle bag is an important accessory for cycling because it allows cyclists to carry essential items such as spare tubes, patch kits, tire levers, multitools, and snacks, without having to carry a backpack or other bulky bag.

Saddle bags are attached to the underside of the bike seat, and they come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different items.

There are many brands available in the market that you can choose from. I have used brands of saddle bag from Topeak, Lezyne and Scicon. It is important to know what items to be put into the saddle bag before purchasing it. 

Bicycle Saddle Bag

Why is it important to bring along a saddle bag when out for cycling?

  • Have you experienced a flat tire in the middle of your ride?
  • Have you experienced a flat tire shortly after leaving your home?
  • Have you experienced being stuck in a remote area with a flat tire?

I am sure many cyclists have experienced the above-mentioned scenarios. By carrying essential items in a saddle bag, cyclists can be prepared for unexpected situations like a flat tire or a minor mechanical issue that can occur while on a ride.

Carrying a saddle bag also allows cyclists to keep their pockets free for other items like a phone or wallet, and it helps distribute weight evenly across the bike, which can improve overall stability and control while riding.

Since young, I was disciplined by my cycling coach to bring a saddle bag on my bicycle whenever I go out for cycling. Do not worry if you faced issues replacing your inner tubes as I will have a sharing session to teach you How To Change Your Bicycle’s Inner Tube.

What is inside my saddle bag?

There are several mandatory items that a cyclist should have in his saddle bag. These items will depend on the type of bicycle tires that he is using. For example, clincher tires, tubeless tires and tubular tires. I am using clincher tires for all my bicycles. In my future blogs, I will be sharing with you on the mandatory items to put into the saddle bag for tubeless and tubular system.

Let’s take a look at the list of items in my saddle bag.

  1. Bicycle Inner Tubes
  2. Tire Levers
  3. Presta to Schrader Convertor Tool
  4. Multi Tool Kit
  5. Missing Link Connector
  6. Presta Valve Extender Tool
  7. Self-Adhesive Inner Tube Patch Kit
  8. Scuffer

Items inside my saddle bag

How does a saddle bag looks like on a bicycle?

Saddle bag on a road bicycle

In summary, a saddle bag is important for cycling because it provides a convenient and secure way to carry essential items, which can enhance safety, comfort, and performance while riding.

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