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Budget-friendly energy snacks and drinks for cycling

When you are thirsty and hungry during cycling, there are several choices of food and liquid item which you can consider, depending on your budget. If budget is not an issue, you can buy energy gel, energy bar, hydration tablets and nutritional drinks from health nutritional shops to consume.

If you want to save money and yet able to replenish and rehydrate your body during cycling, do read on the practice which I have been doing for many years in my cycling journey. Both bread and biscuits replace the energy bar while isotonic drinks such as pocari sweat, 100 Plus replace nutritional drinks.

For drinking water, you have the option to purchase from petrol kiosk on your cycling route, else you can simply fill your water bottles with tap water for free. Tap water in Singapore is safe for drinking. 


  • Sunshine Bun: $1
  • Pocari Sweat: $1
  • Drinking Water: $0.50
  • Cream Crackers Biscuits: $0.20