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WD-40 Specialist Bike Range Review


While shopping at a DIY store, Bike Guru was surprised to encounter that WD-40 had a series of bicycle care and maintenance products available as well. So far, I had only been using the standard WD-40 Multi-Use Product (i.e. the blue can which I believe everyone is familiar with).

Bike Guru was curious and so I decided to write in to WD-40 to find out more. Subsequently, I was delighted to receive a complimentary set of their Specialist Bike products for testing, yay!

WD-40 Specialist Bike care and maintenance product range

WD-40 Specialist Bike Degreaser

The bicycle used in this product test is a Giant Hybrid:

  • Chain is filled with thick grime
  • Bicycle was not washed for one year
Foaming action by the WD-40 Specialist Bike Degreaser, dissolving the stubborn grease & grime.

Upon pressing the nozzle of the WD-40 Specialist Bike Degreaser, the white foam is squirted out of the can onto the drivetrain. After leaving it for 2 minutes, I could see the foaming action cling to the chain, cogs and gears, deeply penetrating and dissolving the stubborn grease and grime from the moving parts. I then brushed the cassette and chain before flushing it off with running water.

WD-40 Specialist Bike Cleaner

I sprayed the WD-40 Specialist Bike Cleaner on the entire bicycle as shown in the photo below. Entire bicycle refers to parts such as saddle, seat post, handlebar, stem, frame, wheels, tires, drivetrain and pedals. The label says it is safe for use on all bike surfaces including carbon fiber, titanium, chrome, steel, aluminum, rubber and plastics. 

During cleaning with WD-40 Specialist Bike Cleaner. Safe on all parts and surfaces.
After bike wash, rinsing off the embedded grease and grime. Nice smell too!

Following which, I used a sponge to thoroughly scrub on the parts before flushing it off with running water. Other than the ease of removing the mud stains and dirt from my bicycle, I was pleased to find out that the WD-40 Specialist Bike Cleaner foaming wash is bio-degradable and emitted a refreshing scent.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product Ez-Reach

After wiping dry the bicycle, I used the WD-40 Multi-Use Product Ez-Reach lubricant to spray all parts of bicycle, drivetrain, except the braking surfaces.

I like the 8″ flexible metal straw which allows me to lubricate hard to reach places which is usually difficult to achieve when using a traditional plastic straw. Check out the photo below where I used Ez-Reach to spray onto the bolts of the seat post with ease.

Other hard to reach places which the product’s flexible straw proved useful, include the rear derailleur, crank to bottom bracket interface as well as the pedal axle on the crank arm.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product Ez-Reach features a flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape so I can reach those hard-to-reach places.

In the past, I will need to invert my spray can with the plastic straw while spraying on the hard to reach places. This caused back flow of the lubricant which makes it messy to use.

The plus point of using the WD-40 Multi-Use Product Ez-Reach was that I was able to lubricate hard to reach places on my bicycle without any back flow of the lubricant contacting my fingers.

WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lubricants

Bike Guru tested out the three types of bicycle chain lubricants available from WD-40:

  1. WD-40 Specialist Dry Chain Lube
  2. WD-40 Specialist Wet Chain Lube
  3. WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube
WD-40 Specialist Bike Dry Chain Lube
WD-40 Specialist Bike Wet Chain Lube
WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube

For both the WD-40 Specialist Dry Chain Lube and the WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube (aerosol spray), they performed well in dry weather condition. After 200km of road riding, the chain is still smooth with little grime on it. Both of these lubricants are good. The dry chain lube (drip type) allows me to apply it on each chain link effectively.

For the WD-40 Specialist Wet Chain Lube, it performed well in all weather conditions, especially when raining. Bike Guru performed testing on off-road terrain and under the rain. The results are positive.

For off-road riding, the wet lubricant is intact on the chain despite riding through muddy terrains. For riding under the rain, the chain continues to glide across the chainrings and cassette smoothly without screeching sound for two consecutive days. (Screeching sound is usually produced when the chain has been dried up. I have experienced this with other brands.) 

What Bike Guru likes about the WD-40 Specialist Wet Chain Lube:

  • The refreshing scent of the lubricant.
  • Each droplet of lubricant is in perfect concentration, not too thick.
  • The content of the wet chain lubricant doesn’t make the chain black and oily after riding. (Refer to the photo below.)

Other brands of wet lubricants often emit an oil smelly and is thick when dripping onto the chain link. This creates a mess on the floor eventually after you finish applying it on the chain. The chain also becomes dark and dirty after riding.

Fast and easy application with the WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube (aerosol spray)
Wax-free formula of the WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lubes means no build up of sticky residue inside chain links and drivetrain.

* I understand from WD-40 that the Wet and Dry Chain Lube will come in a new look with the same superior performing formula, so stay tuned for that.

Over my years of cycling, I have heard friends in the cycling community who have advised against the use of WD-40 as a lubricant and should not be used on bike chains. The myth is that WD-40 is a solvent and has no lube in it at all.

In Bike Guru’s opinion, WD-40 Multi-Use Product is both an excellent water displacer and general lubricant. I also found out that it is actually formulated with strong lubricating oils and therefore, can be used as a multi-purpose lubricant.

For long-term lubrication and specialised bicycle maintenance needs, do check out WD-40 Specialist Bike range of products. They are surely going to become a mainstay in Bike Guru’s own toolbox.

Special thanks to WD-40 for providing Bike Guru your products and making this review article possible. If you think you would like to try out WD-40 Specialist Bike range, you can check out their official store here: https://bit.ly/wd40bike

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by WD-40 Singapore. All opinions and views expressed in this article are courtesy of Bike Guru.


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